We never truly get over people

We compartmentalise them

We store them

Neatly tucked away in the dark recesses of our minds

Airtight shut

We sit tight and pray that…

If you are lucky

to live long enough

some of the things you disliked

so much as a kid

will become your favourite things



the things you have…

When you see something beautiful in someone, speak it, let them know; if it’s to a stranger, the better. For mere words wield in them powers to crack open cloudy…

I wonder, do we photograph pleasant moments in an attempt at preservation, for we are incapable of remembering the good as we do the bad?

Strung on walls are beautiful…

image by Paweł Czerwiński

I saw men make inappropriate commentaries and ogle my baby sister long before she turned 15!

A choice of attire that would later contradict society’s safety guidelines on how ‘not to attract attention to one’s self!’

Sojourning eight years ago, under the August sun and a phone as an extension of my ear, I strolled down a busy market whilst engrossed in a conversation. In mid-sentence, I saw two figures approaching, running. They were shorter than me and were running against the market’s traffic, which I found rather odd. In hindsight, I am impressed that in milliseconds I registered…

Thanksgiving is approaching and I am conscious of this fact as my American friend who lives in London is keen to celebrate it. As a Brit, I’m clueless as to its meaning and need. Is it an American Christmas — a half-way one — perhaps; is it saying thank you to all who have been gracious; is it filling your table with mouth-watering, diligently prepared roasts while basking in the glow of your loved ones? I switched on my laptop and began my research.

After reading articles from various sources, I settled on a History.com piece. It was an insightful…

Today, I decided to seek a new barber as I wasn’t happy with my current one. After all, I had both silently reproached and evaluated him; I’d given him plenty…

Pre-pandemic, climate change concerns filled the pages of newspapers, magazines, blogs, social media feeds and was even shoe-horned into TV shows ( Big Little Lies Season 2) — the topic was unavoidable. Before its spotlight last year, it didn’t get anywhere near the attention it deserved; governmental efforts proved ineffective and mediocre at best.

Last year a Swedish teenager was thrust into the media: This bold 16-year-old became the face of climate awareness. Her face, her message and her displeasures became synonymous with an eco-conscious world. During this time there were reports that if drastic measures are not implemented, limiting…

When are we actually going to remove the N-word from our lexicon? The N-word need not only be removed but incinerated from our vocabulary. Any black person who uses it should be met with the same disdain and disbelief as non-blacks who use it.

Black people have been doing the job for the oppressor: the oppressor sits, observes, smiles as the name they gave centuries ago is used and owned.

How we have rationalised the use — proudly use a label given by an oppressor to instil inferiority, is unfathomable; sometimes we even use it derogatorily against our fellow man.

Musicians and writers include it in their work because they think it gives it that edge — some say it’s even cathartic to utter. Some may…

Llyrio Boateng

British writer/director

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