The Rise Of The International Accent

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You find that anyone with an International Accent has a dominant twang.

Living in London I find myself asking this question very often as the city is a melting pot of people from all over the world. From my experience, It’s usually a great conversation starter as people see a genuine interest, an innocuous fascination that spreads across my face, beaming while I eagerly wait for an answer; their story. His reaction to my probing wasn’t any different; He tells me where his accent is from, which then segues into engaging and utterly unique accounts of his life thus far. He notices that I have a “twang”. “ what do you hear?” I reply. I’ve had many encounters with people whose eyes light up with the same curiosity whenever they hear me speak for the very first time.

if you watch the Kardashian’s show, you will find that they have a unique way of speaking which resembles each member of the family.

The very familiar words I’d known from as early as I can remember were now uttered differently: ‘Garage’ is now pronounced as ‘GARAAGE’. ‘Zebra’ as ‘ZEHBRA’ not ‘ZEEBRA’. ‘Water’ butchered as ‘WUU-AH’.

What exactly happens at these International Schools to spawn people with hybrid accents?

“Accent is the stress placed upon a word in a sentence or a syllable in a word.” Many languages are variants of other languages and equally, dialects are deviations from an official language which may or may not be understood by other groups who share the same official language.

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